New Website Design

Our website has a new look.  The new format will allow us to keep our regular viewers and visitors up to date.  Check back often & Like/Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date.

Thankfully we have all managed to get through this past Winter and can fully appreciate the warm breezes of Spring along with the cheerful announcements of color and sunshine letting us know the cold and dreariness of Winter have been overcome.

Our New Matamoras outdoor lot has a full inventory of Nature’s Comfort Outdoor Boilers, both Wood and Coal models to select from.  Our stockroom also has a full inventory of necessary parts for complete installation and maintenance.  Now is the time to consider and plan your heating options for next Winter while enjoying the warmer months.  For the grilling enthusiasts we have the ultimate outdoor Traeger® Pellet Grills and select Traeger® Hardwood Pellets.

Currently our Woodsfield outdoor lot has a line up of utility trailers and car haulers.  There is also a full supply of Traeger®  Hardwood Pellets, along with livestock corrals and gates, bunk and round bale feeders.  You can also find a select line up Nature’s Comfort Outdoor Boilers,